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  M.S. Science  &  M.A. Arts:  Guidance Counseling, Psychology & Music

The Best Maine Coon National Winning Lines, for the best price anywhere!


2008 American Cat Fanciers Associaton's National  Breeder of the Year, 2nd Place!

2007 American Cat Fanciers Associaton's  National Breeder of the Year, 2nd Place!

2009 American Cat Fanciers Associaton's SE Region  Breeder of the Year, 2nd Place!

2008 American Cat Fanciers Associaton's  South East Region's  Breeder of the Year!


COONPALS  THOROUGHLY  MODERN  MILLIE, 7.5 mo Brown Patched Classic Tabby Kitten,  new 2014 ACFA 10th Best National AllBreed Kitten  &  ACFA  SE  Region  5th  Best All Breed Kitten!



COONPALS  PRINCESS  TURANDOT  "Cessie", 7.5 mo Blue Patched Classic Tabby Kitten,  new 2014 ACFA 21st Best National All Breed Kitten  &  ACFA  SE  Region  16th  Best All Breed Kitten!



COONPALS  COLORATURA,  Brown Patched Classic Tabby Kitten,  Feb 24, 2013,  new 2014 ACFA 12th Best SE  Region  Championship  Cat!




A small NON Smoking home cattery in Ridge Manor, FL

"Cats Are My Furry Children"

"There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life. Music and cats."   - Albert Schweitzer

     and          and       registered



COONPALS began with me,

Kazmazad Kodiac Bear of CoonPals Neutered Brown Classic Tabby, here 16.25 years old!

  Once my Mommy Michele realized how super special and terrific the Maine Coon breed is, she is forever dedicated to us! 

  Forever in our hearts ...

Kodiac Bear  October 4, 1993 -- January 11, 2010


Colors we specialize in are: 

Black & Blue Solids;  Black & Blue Smokes;  Classic and Mackerel Tabbies in

Brown, Blue,  Cream,  Red & Silver ... and, Patch Tabby females in Brown, Blue, & Silver


CoonPals contract includes guaranteed purebred, a complimentary Cat Association  Registration, Vet's Florida Health

Certificate, all kitten vaccinations plus rabies vaccine, microchip, and Neutering/Spaying.  

All precautions are given for Kittens to be free from fleas, ear mites, worms and other common feline problems.

 CoonPals Breeding Lines are screened for HCM- Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy, using EchocVIardiagrams and DNA testing from DNA Diagnostics.  Our Cattery is guaranteed Feline Leukemia and Feline AIDS Negative.

~ Some CoonPals VIP Families CoonPals ~

~COONPALS  SILVER  STAR, 7.5 mos old, to appear with Larry Madrid, Head Animal Trainer in upcoming movies, TV & Commercials,  LA, California ~

    April  2009


  VIP CoonPals Owner, Mom Elizabeth, and 5.5 yrs old CoonPals Oliver, Spring Hill, FL

  Michele with Quadruple Grand Champion, Supreme Roll of Honor, "QGC CoonPals Figaro" as "Best ACFA Costume:



   CoonPals VIP Family Papa Richie with one yr old 15lbs  COONPALS  ZELDA, Silver Classic Tabby Spay,  NJ DEC 2014.

  Jaisel with 6 mos CoonPals Cookie, Brown Classic Tabby FS,  Dec 2014,  Winter Park, FL      

  COONPALS  BILBO  BAGGINS, 9 yrs Brown Classic Tabby MN snuggles with Baby Naes, 12-2014.

  COONPALS DUNCAN, 3mos Brown Classic Tabby M Kit, displaying "Family Jewels," on Mama's Lap!  New Port Richey, FL,  Dec 2014.

Sandy with 6 yr old, CoonPals Blue Bear, FL ...


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Serious inquiries only to:  coonpals@gmail.com



Best to call Cell PH:  813-857-3335    ~    HM PH: 352-583-3005

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